Summer – need Part Time Help in Dublin (Sorrento)

Hi, we need part time helper Monday to Friday (2:00-6:00 p.m.). We live in east Sorrento neighborhood of Dublin (close to Kolb elementary school). We need help with home chores, meals, warm up/fix a light meal for kids, laundry folding/ironing, kitchen cleaning etc.
Please feel free to call/text at 650-504-8879

One thought on “Summer – need Part Time Help in Dublin (Sorrento)”

  1. not sure if you found your help, I am also looking for part time help but in the mornings, so thought might ask. if you have talked to people and they are hesitant to just do partime in afternoon, they can do the first half at our place and second half of day at your place and have full day. we live next to emerald glenn park, very close to dourgthery elementary school. my ad is posted at

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