Startup eco-system in Tri Valley – bringing Silicon Valley home

Dear neighbors, I am writing to announce the creation of a local startup incubator, which is desperately needed in our community. What separates the Tri Valley from Silicon Valley is the billion dollar organizations that are founded, supported and grown there.

Over the course of the last couple of years, I have met with a number of entrepreneurs from our community who all lacked some piece of the “secret sauce” that kept them from gaining traction in their new venture startup. This new effort that I am embarking on is to turn those ideas by our neighbors into the next billion dollar company.

What our effort entails is the creation of an eco-system which fosters innovation and brings 3 ingredients together.
1) Entrepreneurs – With the idea.
2) Mentors – with domain specific expertise (Software, Marketing, Sales, UX etc) to join the network and help the Entrepreneurs successfully get their business ideas off the ground.
3) Seed Investors – Who can make small investments to fund the new ideas.

At this stage we are just requesting for you to give us an indication of your interest and willingness to help. There is no obligation on your part other than that you have an interest to help, so please visit and click on the “Get Involved” button, where you can select one of multiple options of where you can help turn the Tri Valley into the next Silicon Valley.

We will collect all the inquiries we receive and email status updates on the progression of our outreach and once we have amassed enough support to get the program launched, we will start holding individual and small group meetings to move the opportunity forward.

By way of introduction, I have been in and around startups for nearly 15 years. I have helped to grow one startup from $1M in annual sales to $250M in annual sales and advised many others. My partner Rajeev is Product, Mobile, and Technology leader who also happens to be an entrepreneur. It was his entrepreneurship that brought us together and eventually lead to the creation of

I will in close mention that this venture is currently only open to residents of San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton and Danville. It is neighbor helping neighbor. And for those who have 1+ hour commutes to work each day, just imagine helping mentor your neighbors company, to see it gain traction, to grow, and possibly offer you a local job and the opportunity to be a part of the next big thing.

We have the talent, education, and ideas, now let’s put it to work. Please feel free to forward this message to your friends and family in the area, even if you cannot participate yourself, so that we can assure the successful launch of the program for our community.

Rajeev & Abdul

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  1. Iam looking for some one to meet and discuss about my works and to go for the next level.Please let me know your contact number. My number is 925-262-9408.

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