School help to two kids at my home

With schools reopening shortly during this time of COVID, I, as a parent am going through the difficult choice of whether to send my kids to school or not. If you are a parent like me who is going through this anxiety and feeling unsafe to send your child to school, I would like to let you know that I, a mother of two children, am opening my doors to two kids and offering to help them login into their classes, monitor them and help them with their class or homework.
You can send their lunch or snack or I can provide hot homemade vegetarian lunch everyday except for holidays and when the school is off.
If you are interested, ping me privately to know more about my qualifications and references.

One thought on “School help to two kids at my home”

  1. Hello Chandra ,
    If you are taking one child without any pay or with pay it’s legal. Anything more than one child without a proper license is illegal and anyone can report you if you charge a fee for that service . With covid in I highly recommend not to do it without following proper licensing and health protocols . That’s the reason there are tons of licensed Provdiers who go through all safety measures and certification. Just a friendly advice

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