Rubiks Cube classes in Dublin

Join this class and be able to virtually solve any type of Rubik’s cube.
Every Saturday 11AM to 12PM in Dublin. $10 per class/ hour

3 thoughts on “Rubiks Cube classes in Dublin”

  1. Hi dear my name is elva Ju I would like my kids johin the Rubik’s cube class thanks look for all the information from you.

    1. Sure Elva,
      Saturday, 11am to 12 pm class is currently full but your kid can come on Saturday, 12pm to 1 pm. Please text or call ar 9257190640 if you are interested and would like to come this Saturday.

  2. Hi Chhavi,
    I am Chandra. My son wants to learn Rubik’s cube solving. Is there any slot available on Saturday 12 pm to 1 pm? Thank you

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