Requesting info on Walnut Grove Elementary and Lydiksen Elementary

Hi, We are moving to Pleasanton and I would like to get some feedback on Walnut Grove Elementary school as well as Lydiksen Elementary.

4 thoughts on “Requesting info on Walnut Grove Elementary and Lydiksen Elementary”

  1. Hi,

    my kids go to Walnut Grove Elementary. This school is one of the best in Pleasanton. Check out for information on schools in general.

  2. One of our kids also scheduled to go to Walnut Grove this fall. Other kid overflowed to Alisal even though Walnut Grove is home school. From what I hear, Walnut grove is top notch. The scores speak themselves.

  3. hi please do give me reviews on the schools. How is the indian population in the school. if mixed are the kids able to cope up with the kids.
    looking to move to pleasanton. do give me suggestions on apts.

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