Our Super Caring Hard Working Talented Nanny Is Available

We have been fortunate to have a super caring, professional, hard working and talented person as nanny for our baby daughter. She enabled us to focus on our jobs as we knew our daughter was in safe hands. She makes amazing food, is clean, and took care of our daughter as her family. The fact that she was punctual enabled me to catch my BART on time. She quickly became like family for us. Why is she available? Due to Covid19, our employment situation changed and we had to move to Texas. We moved to Texas 5 days ago, and wish we could take her along for the future. 🙁 We tried hard to convince her, but she has her family here. So we understand. We are sure that whichever family and baby she decides to take care of next will be lucky to have her. If you have any questions or want a reference, you can reach us at 512-four-zero-six-1193. Our nanny’s cell number is 209-740-3957.

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