Online Spoken Telugu Classes

Hi, my name is Radhika. I am a Telugu teacher.  I’ve been teaching Telugu classes for the past 4 years. I am starting Telugu classes for kids on Jun 22, 2021. 
These sessions focus on teaching Telugu conversations. Your kids will learn the following : 
      – Vocabulary and sentence formation
      –  In-class conversation exercises
      –  Hear stories and discuss key points in those stories to improve comprehension
       – Telugu alphabets
Timings: Classes are conducted online.
Batch 1 Weekly on Tuesdays @ 1:30 -3 pm PST
Batch 2 weekly on Tuesday @ 3:30-5 pm PST
Class duration: 90 minutes
Cost $15 per class
Maximum kids in class – 10
If you have any questions on the sessions and timings, please contact me at 248-821-8474

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