ONAM Celebration on Saturday, Sept 14th 2019

Bay area Kerala group, SanGaMa, is planning to celebrate the  upcoming ONAM  festival on Saturday, September 14th at Livermore.
The details are here: https://www.sangama.us/
So, if you have moved recently to the neighborhood, and would like to meet/greet local families or would like to participate/register for stage performances, feel free to join. This is a great opportunity.
We are planning a grand Onam Sadya(Grand Vegetarian feast) with traditional festivities like Pookkalam, Maveli and cultural programs like Thiruvathira dance, kids’
dance songs/music, et al.
In the true spirit of Onam, we encourage and invite anyone interested to join, to be part of this rich and ancient festival!
To know more about Onam, please check out here:
*Sponsors:* If you are a local business interested in sponsoring the
event, please send a note.
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