New to Livermore, would love to connect

Hello friends
We just moved to Livermore . Anyone’s kids in East Avenue middle or Arroyo Seco elementary or Jackson avenue elementary?
would love to connect with families in Livermore. I have two boys 12 n 6.
i would also like info about Indian grocery/ extra curricular classes in and around.
please mail me at mail2munmu…@g…com

2 thoughts on “New to Livermore, would love to connect”

  1. Hi MunMun,

    I am looking to buy a home in Livermore and wanted to know about the Arroyo seco elementary school. Would you have any idea and if you are sending your kid to this or any school near by. ?

    1. Hi ,

      Did you end up buying in Livermore ? We are actively considering but not sure how conducing the area is for Desi living. I am totally open to coexisting with others. But just wondering how things are. My kids are out in college. So school is not a major criterion for me. Thanks, S

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