Need Pickup from school in East Dublin

Need someone to pick my kids from green elementry & Fallon middle school (Dublin) and drop them off in after care.interested person call or message me in 9258192776

5 thoughts on “Need Pickup from school in East Dublin”

    1. Hi,
      I’m looking for pickup from school for my daughter from Fallon middle school all days in the week.
      My house is 2 miles from school.

      Let me know if you are available. My phone number is 408-3293569


    1. Hello Geet

      I am from Safari Kid Dublin and looking for pick up from Fallon middle school . If u r still interested pls reply me for new school session .


  1. Hello

    I am looking for Fedrickson school pick up and drop off at Safari kid Dublin for new school session. Anyone interested pls call Safari Kid Dublin .


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