Need Pick up from Pleasanton Middle school

I am looking for someone who can pick my son from Pleasanton Middle School after school and drop him home (In the Mohr Park area).  School starts on the 14th of August.

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  1. Hi,

    I am interested in helping you with pick-up and drop service. Please let me know more about the timings.


    1. Hello Vidya
      I am in need of similar service to pick u my kid from Harvest Park Middle School. Please reach out to me if you are still available to help out.

      1. Hello Vinayak I am doing morning and after school drop off to Pleasanton middle school if u still looking for it let me know…

  2. Reference Sonali Shinde the pick up person: Review.
    Had the most horrible experience with her. She made tall promises before she started on the job i.e. I am very particular about time, I like to keep the kids safe so I do pick up only from the inside curb pick up areas, and yaddi, yaddi, yada. All were false promises. I have never experienced someone who is so unprofessional in the way they work. She was never on time, kept complaining about the route, asked my child who is 12 to give her directions to get to school, and then get upset with him if he forgot to tell her in time of the next turn, and kept changing the pick up spot at the school without intimating him. To top it all half way though the first week of school informed me that she couldn’t do it due to personal reasons. Now, I’m left in a bind and have to start all over again. I would stay away from having her pick or drop any child to and from school.

    1. Hello , kiran Raikar
      I was ready to do pick up for two more weeks as notice period so you will get time to find other pick up person who can reach on time.. I said this when I realized in 1st week that I am not able to do your pick up on time .
      Why you didn’t mention that part here??
      Anyway I did that… take care

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