Need a Nanny 9AM to 7PM for 4 days

Looking for a nanny who could take care of a 18 month old between 9AM to 7PM for 4 days a week . Looking for some one who is very responsible and committed.

5 thoughts on “Need a Nanny 9AM to 7PM for 4 days”

  1. HI,
    R u specifically looking only for nanny or do u want someone to watch ur kids from 9am- 5 pm? If you are still looking do call me to 410-585-5988 I do home day care.

  2. Hi Reethu,

    I saw your request on Our Nanny is available from next week. She is a very nice person and was able to take care of my son very well especially feeding and playing with him and also helping with household chores. The only reason she is looking to move is because we are moving out of state. Please let me know if you are interested. Her number to reach is 209-658-9691.

    She is looking for full time work.

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