Nanny share with 3 year old boy and a Star nanny

Our son is almost 3 years old, and has been with our wonderful nanny for close to 2 years now. We’re in Castro Valley. We’ve been thinking about a nanny share situation with one other kid of a similar age. We want to do this sometime later in the year when the pandemic has subsided, perhaps around October 2021. I am writing this post this early just to see the level of interest from the community.
We couldn’t have asked for a better nanny than her (we have been through 3 nannies before and interviewed more). She has formal education in early childhood development. She not only loves kids as her own, but also teaches our son with very well planned activities, educational apparatus etc, while applying what she has learnt in her classes.
As of now, my husband and I are both vaccinated with the first dose and I work from home. We are extremely COVID conscious, wear masks all times outside the house, haven’t been meeting people and do our groceries online. Our nanny lives with us.
If you have a child around the age of 3 or 4 and you have been looking for care for a few hours a day or more, let me know and we can get talking on how a share might work out.

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