3 thoughts on “Nanny Need from 4/25”

  1. Hi there, I have one of my nannies available for work. She has over 15 years of experience with excellent references. Please call me if you’re interested at 209-505-7534.

  2. Our live in nanny is looking for a new job if you interested in live in. She is young, energetic and extremely good with kids. We loved her totally and are sad to see her go. You can call her Kiran at 2093058105


  3. My current NANNY/BABY SITTER available from June 1st.

    She is super good with babies and kids, sings, plays and almost dances with them. She cooks yummy food (guilty of eating baby food here!) and is very clean.

    My baby has outgrown & needs socializing and hence we are ending our stint together.

    Please contact her on 209-679-7141. Her name is Nirmaljeet.

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