Mylapore Express Food Delivery – Dublin

Mylapore Express is a weekly once vegetarian food delivery service specializing in TamBrahm food.
We currently serve 13  locations in the Bay Area and will launch our service in Dublin on Sunday 08/26/18.
South Indian and North Indian options are available.
Pick up point for Dublin will be Emerald Glen Park from 8:55 am to 9:10 am.
Please order at
We can be reached at 916-925-6200
Special Menu for Onam : Aug 26 (85% sold out)
Varutharacha Muringakka Sambar (Drumstick Sambar), Mambazha Pulissery (Mango Kadhi), Chembu Mezhukkuperatti (Arbi Stirfry), Eriseri (Elephant Yam and Raw Banana), Olan (White Pumpkin with black eyed beans), Ada Pradhaman (Jaggery Payasam with Adai), North Indian menu for 08/26/18: Shahi Paneer, Aloo Tindora Fry, Kadhi Pakodi, Dal Makhani , Pulao, Chapathi

One thought on “Mylapore Express Food Delivery – Dublin”

  1. I was promised the food would arrive by 1-Day Air shipping to cities in Southern CA, the order was suppose to arrive by Thursday (10/21/2021) 4pm/EOD. But,the order hadn’t arrived as of Friday (10/22/2021). Upon reaching out to owner to request a refund, I was greeted with the hardships he’s undergoing in running this business and how he’s doing this as a service to the customers residing outside of the bay area. He was unwilling to issue me a refund, this show the level of “service” he’s rendering to his customers. He mentioned that customers were begging him to continue the food delivery process when he was planning on taking this business down(to the owner: FYI customers are not your beggers, and you’re not doing us any favor by running this business. We pay you for what you have to offer us. It’s you today, it’ll be someone else tomorrow).
    The 1-Day Air shipping to other cities is a joke, this is an evident example of cutting corners to save capital. He had also mentioned that he’d have to shutdown the business if he were to issue refunds. I really wish you do, it would save so many people from having to go through this hassle as this was a daylight theft. For anyone planning on ordering food from here, or planning to get it delivered to another city or state please reconsider. P.S (to the owner) if you even knew an iota of professional ethics/customer satisfaction/experince and have a conscience you’d return the money of $136 which is rightfully mine.

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