Moving to Pleasanton

Hi, Me n my husband will be moving to Pleasanton area in the month of Oct. We are looking for an apartment( 1bd/1bt).
It would be helpful if any one can suggest any apartment  where we can find some Indian families.

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  1. Kensington appt, right off of 680 , very nice ,great management.
    Little pricey, we lived there for 4 yrs,never had ant problem.
    Also now close to new shopping place.

  2. Thanks Sonal for your suggestion.

    I am looking for something in the range of 1500.
    And I am also looking in some near by locations like Fremont,Livermore,dublin etc…

  3. Hi Mansi,

    If you are interested in moving to Pleasanton,you can check the following apartments in the above mentioned range ,particularly famous with the Indians here.

    1. Gatewood Apartments.
    2. Hacienda Commons
    3. Eaves by Avalon
    4. Stoneridge apartments
    5. Archstone (Dublin or Pleasanton)


  4. hi,

    I also came across The Promenade apartment in Pleasanton.
    Can any one tell me how the apartment is? Are any Indian family there?

    Thanks a lot…


  5. Hey, everybody out there (either looking or helping),

    just wondering anybody living Or wanting to lease in OAK GROVE APTS AT DUBLIN RANCH, Dublin, CA. I know there are household income stipulations to be able to rent there but anybody from Indian origin living there. We’re almost about to decide to apply and wondering if anybody has any suggestions, thoughts………all this keeping in mind that the place goes far (at least a bit) less than the market rate for the area.

  6. Hi
    Is anyone in civic square apartments it’s right across pleasanton middle school. Is there any indian families living near by. Please let us know we have very recently moved herre

  7. sri,

    is that an apartment or housing community? btw We don’t have a place yet but looking………….wanted to see where there is a sizable Indian population.

  8. @Ram

    They are condo’s.Next to Oak groves apartments!! Its a big community and homeowners rent them ,u can find it online!Where are you moving from ?

  9. cooool, that’s with lightening speed. we r moving from Balto. I’m infact here now looking for a place to live. call me if u can 7035898727

  10. Springhouse, Eaves, Hacienda Commons doesn’t portray a clean, elegant on-premises feel though, to my limited knowledge, has a sizable Indians. Archstone Hacienda and Archstone Emerald has a lot better aura overall and probably decent size of desi tenants. After a month ……. and a half of viewing, reviewing here is my take on the area apts:

    Criteria: lot of Indian tenants
    Tier I: Eaves, Archstone Hacienda, Hacienda Commons

    Tier II: Springhouse, Stoneridge, Iron Horse Trail, Park Siera, Emerald Park, Cottonwood, Parkwood, Archstone Emerald

    Criteria: bang for the buck
    Park Siera, Iron Horse Trail, Cottonwood, Emerald park
    (all in DUBLIN)

    Criteria: expensive for what they offer
    Springhouse, Gatewood, Eaves, Hacienda Commons, Stoneridge

    Of course, all of the apartments included here are extremely convenient, centered around all the big employers in the area, close to shopping, entertainment, and a lot more which anybody might want to get involved in. They are all close to the intersection of I-580 & I-680.

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