Mathematics Tutor-10$/hr

I am basically a RF Engineer. I am very good at maths. I love to teach mathematics. I am providing tution in maths from elementary , middle to high school students. I teach pre-algebra, algebra-1, algebra-2, geometric concepts, trigonometry, calculus. students are also given individual attention & detailed explanation of each concept. you can contact meĀ  e-mail: rajnipagot…@g…com

12 thoughts on “Mathematics Tutor-10$/hr”

  1. Hi Ekta,

    i m available after 6pm on weekdays and saturdays. please let me know your possible timings & me-925-3535-353 during morning 9-12am. thank you for your time.


  2. Hi,
    Rajani is very good Tutar friendly and very patient with kids. She easily understands where kids need help in the topics. She teaching my 6th grade kid. My daughter like the way of her teaching and the important thing she is very comfortable with her and the price is reasonable.

  3. Rajani .. i would really like to thank you for taking classes for my son. i tried couple of teachers prior to you but after you class I really see a very positive progress in math results and the confidence which he is showing towards this subject.
    @Parents: I recommend you if you looking for math tutor and this i am saying becoz i saw her approach towards teaching the subject & she updates you every alternative day with how your kid is doing which i really liked.

  4. Rajani is truly motivated and influential teacher. She empowered, engaged, and inspired my 10 year old son. We found her when my son’s grades were going down and he was loosing confidence. Rajani quickly understood the situation and used customised lesson plans and strategies. My son is now getting not only good grades but much needed confidence. I’m sure Rajani can help many students just like she helped my son.

  5. I am very pleased to have Rajini tutoring math to my middle school child. Rajini is very good at math/algebra and has played an effective role in imparting techniques/skills for teaching operations/formulae etc. I highly appreciate her polite yet firm attitude towards students and would highly recommend her for middle school ages.

  6. Ms. Rajini has been my angel in disguise. I’m a second year college student and have always had huge difficulty with Math classes in general. After dropping the class twice I was beginning to think I’d never be able to pass but with Ms. Rajinis help I ended the class with an A. She’s excellent teacher and mentor, and I’d recommend her to any age student who’s excited to do well in their classes. Even when there was a concept she didn’t know that well, she would take pictures of my textbook and do practice problems to refresh herself before teaching me. Very dedicated and everything you could possibly want from a teacher. If only the professors at my college were half as talented as Ms. Rajini!

  7. Hi,
    Thank you very much for considering me. because of our work purpose we moved out-of california. Please dont contact me ,hope you will find good maths teaher. thank you


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