Looking for Parathas in pleasanton

I moved from sunnyvale to pleasanton. . In sunnyvale, we used to frequent a place called Razzot which sells amazing paranthas for very affordable prices.. wondering if pleasanton or dublin has any such place? Please dont tell me chat bhavan!

7 thoughts on “Looking for Parathas in pleasanton”

  1. You can contact me for rotis and Paranthas but I make them with freshly grounded organic wheat
    You taste it and feel the diffrence!
    My contact no is

  2. hello,

    I make stuffed Punjabi Parathas at home and you can pick it up .if you are interested can message me back and leave your details like email id .


    1. Are you in Dublin? If yes, we would like to order some parathas for tonight. Please confirm. My dublin no. is +353 89 482 7621.

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