Looking for Live-In Nanny Pleasanton

Looking for Live-In Nanny to take care of 8 months old baby, also help in cooking. Please contact if interested.

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10 thoughts on “Looking for Live-In Nanny Pleasanton”

  1. Hi I help families to locate best nannies, I have someone who is also looking for live in position. She has over couple years experience. Her kids are all grown up and doesn’t have any other commitments Please let me know through email, if you are interested.

    1. Hi Bal,

      I need your help with finding a nanny for my kids. Please post your email address or phone number so I can reach out to you directly.


  2. Sorry that comment/question is for BAL. I am looking for a live in Nanny to take care of my 8 month old boy. Please let me know how to contact you. I could not see how to email you.

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