Looking for desi-after school teacher

Hello, I am looking for a reading teacher for my 10 year old daughter in 4th grade. My special emphasis is on comprehension and making sense out of the story. Please contact me if you can help. H-4 welcome too.

3 thoughts on “Looking for desi-after school teacher”

  1. Hi,

    I have one year of experience tutoring a 7th grader and I am capable of teaching a 4th grader. I am currently on F1(Though my H1B visa got picked up in the lottery this year).

    If interested, reach out to me on [email protected]


  2. Hi Chitra, I am science graduate from University of Delhi, staying here on H4 visa. I am teaching my 5th grade daughter.

    Contact me if interested.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi

    I do writing and reading classes for elementary school kids. I do private tutoring too.
    I am teaching other kids too other than my kids. In my writing class I do essay writing, and comprehension too.

    Please contact me in [email protected]


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