Looking for Daily Cook near Hopyard and Valley

I’m looking for a cook from Mon-Thurs in the evening. Preferably someone who can cook veg and non-veg. I’ll also need some help with general cleaning up and folding laundry. Probably looking at 2 hours in the evening, 6-8.
I can’t do drop off and pick up, so driving is important.
I live in Pleasanton, close to Hopyard and Valley Avenue, near the tennis club.

7 thoughts on “Looking for Daily Cook near Hopyard and Valley”

  1. Hi vandana .
    I have a cook , she might be able to help you. We live in Pleasanton. Not sure if your hrs are flexible , she can come only before 6 pm. If this works let me know how she can reach you.

  2. Hi I saw ur advertisement and would like to talk more about this. May I please have ur contact number and your convenient time for calling u

  3. Hi San,

    I am also looking for a cook and helper in the evenings Monday through Friday for 2 hrs, between 6-8pm. You can reach me at 732-322-7987 if you are interested.


  4. Hi
    I live very close to fairgrounds and require a cook from Monday to Thursday and I am flexible with the timing. Please let me know if you’ll have found someone.


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