Looking for a Cook who makes Andhra Food

My wife is pregnant and craving homemade food from Andhra Pradesh. She’s not craving Hyderabadi food, but specifically food from the coastal state of Andhra Pradesh (e.g. Vizag). We are looking for a cook who can come to our house and prepare Andhra food. Some of the things she likes are: Paysum (its a sweet dish made with jaggery and chana dal), Egg Rice with boiled egg, Veg Biriyani, Veg Curries, Andhra Mysore Pak etc.
Please respond to this ad if you are from Andhra and can cook Andhra food.

5 thoughts on “Looking for a Cook who makes Andhra Food”

  1. Hi
    I am from Andhra. I can help u out on this. Ping me separately to my mail id so we can discuss further. Thx

  2. Pls contact Kalyani on 9252763473 for delicious homemade telugu/tamil food. She offers pickup service and is located right next to Pleasanton library.

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