Live-in nanny expenses – need advice

we are looking for an Indian live-in nanny Monday-Friday. How much do Nanny’s charge in the tri-valley area for taking care of 1 child? And how much for 2 children? The one we interviewed is asking for $2000 per month for one child. Is that reasonable?


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  1. $2000 in the trivalley area for a nanny is expensive. And overly priced if they are a live in nanny. Nannies in this area like Dublin cost $1600-$1800. Typical work in this price range would be to take care of baby, wash and sterilize baby bottles, do the laundry for baby and other kids or household, cook dinner, and tidy kitchen. As baby gets older cook fresh meals for baby. For a live in nanny, the cost of the room, meals, and utilities would be taken out of the pay. Also, you have to figure out if the job is strictly 8 hours a day or are they more likely going to be helping out around the clock. If it is helping out around the clock then you would not charge as high for room, meals and utilities. Currently we know a live in nanny for a friend and she is making $800-900 monthly. Hope this helps.

  2. My living nanny charges 2200 and my son goes 3 days to school but she starts in the morning and does household help, cooking , laundry, preparing meals for the weekend as she lives with us M-F. She takes 1-2 hours rest in between and evening takes care of my son till 5 or 6 pm. I honestly find it very expensive and looking for other options. But anyone I talk to seems like 1800-2000 is standard. We live in Danville

  3. Frankly, an american live in nanny will charge at least $4000 a month, at least. Indian live-in nannies charge $2000 but for that kind of amount, expect to get constant intrusion in your personal life, gossiping and bossing around by these indian nannies. we are a happy and content couple, and any indian nanny we ever hired has taken our niceness to us being vulnerable and gullible. we ended up firing these indian nannies within days of hiring them due to their bossy, gossiping and intruding nature. one time we hired a live in indian nanny and paid her $2500 a month, but day 3 on the job and she started asking extremely personal questions & getting nosy about instead of doing her job. Another time we requested her to prepare a certain dish without this one ingredient due to allergies and she got so upset because she didn’t like to eat the dish if it was prepared the way we requested it. she had no empathy or respect for us, actually no indian nanny has had any, all they want is to be paid for doing nothing. We have tried a gazillion times but failed with indian nannies. The only reason we tried an indian nanny to begin with is so that our kid can learn to speak indian language. but seriously speaking, it was not worth it. Total waste of time it was a pain really! the extent of personal intrusion and gossiping of these indian nannies from tracy, stockton etc is too much. forget professionalism, indian nannies have no manners to begin with. i am an indian, born and raised in india, but i am not raised like that – it all comes down to values and upbringing i suppose. at the end we gave up and went with a professional american nanny. no matter how much you pay an indian nanny, they refuse to stop making personal, racist and nosy comments to their employers. they know no concept of being professionals. i would rather pay more to a professional nanny instead of relying on these indian nannies – my opinion.

  4. Nice to read !
    Would you like to share some thoughts on those employers who keep changing the job responsibilities after hiring the person .
    Even after clarifying 100 times the job some one is capable /incapable of doing , still increasing the duration of work day by day , adding a little work – undefined and out of the job structure- which eventually becomes a part of daily expectations.
    raise In Salary is obviously& definitely a very big issue .
    As far as digging in personal life is concerned that is really humiliating and uncomfortable . Please do consider that situation where hiring family wants to know about the whole day schedule of the employee so as to evaluate the maximum hours that could be extracted in same salary .
    Even after putting 200% for the job , at the end of the day they call it ‘babysitter’s tantrums ‘.

    As far as American nannies / babysitters are concerned , I believe no one would even dare to ask for free add on works as they will drag the person in legal claws .
    As far as professionalism is concerned – even if some one tries to be , then hiring family expects what not in the name of’ little flexibility’.
    And at last , after all who want to hire some one with double work and half salary . Ha ha ha .

    Every story has two sides . Being judgemental and relating it to a particular country /culture/working class, don’t know how much correct it is . i am yet to learn that .

    Nothing offensive ,just trying to understand the issues …

  5. Dear Reader, I am sorry but for $4000 an american nanny does a whole lot of work. Yes we hired an indian nanny live in for $2500 a month, but for working 4 hours per day monday to friday, not full time. So yes I will expect her to do exactly the same duties as an american nanny because I am paying her almost double for part time work almost $30/hr! But even with that kind of pay, she did not look after our baby, did not get our child ready for school. basically just sat on her butt and cooked and thats it. she did not even do the dishes for gods sake. my husband and i did everything. For 4 hours, live in nanny $2500 is a lot. people in dublin area pay $2000 for a full time nanny. American nanny charges $4000 per month full time and does a lot! I am not generalizing based on culture/ ethnicity but the fact is, most indian nannies are retired visiting moms or mom in laws from india who have nothing to do but sit at home. So they take up nanny gigs with indian families taking $2000 cash per month under the table to basically earn it as a hobby. They do nothing but sit on their butts all day. At most they will cook but thats about it. Taking care of a baby is not their forte neither do they know anything about taking care of babies. But they will boast that they are right fit for the job because they have raised their own children. What they dont get it, is that raising their own children is very different than being a nanny for someone else’s children. I am sorry you feel i am generalizing but majority of folks here on trivalley are looking for desi nannies on cheap. Some of these old retired desi nannies have deep issues and anger problems, but the indian families happily trust them and leave their child in their care and go to work. Several of my neighbors have hired such nannies who have deep-rooted anger issues and other problems and the families know it, but they still keep them just because it costs $2k a month. And yes, $2k a month is all these families can afford because they have giant mortgages to pay off on these $1M+ homes so thats understandable. However, these families can totally downsize and live a modest life but afford a higher quality and stable nanny for their child – indian or not indian. You are saying i am generalizing but isn’t every person here doing the same as well but in a different form? Every person out on here is looking for an “Indian” nanny only. Why? They can look for mexican nanny or american nanny or brazilian nanny, so please don’t tell me that I am dragging anything. There is no such thing as free add-on work – an american full time nanny manages the baby and the entire house, runs errands, gets groceries, takes the child to the pediatrician, drop older child to school, drives – she does a lot so I dont know what you are talking about when you say “legal claws”. If there is something illegal that you expect a nanny or for that matter “any” nanny to do, irrespective of the ethnicity, then yes that is just that – not legal.

    Also, i didnt make it clear but $2500 is for 4 hours of work for a “live in” nanny that is way more than what even american nannies receive as pay. I was paying the indian live-in nanny way more money for 4 hours of work and free room and board and full access to my house and I never let her ever work even more than a second than 4 hours exactly. But in spite of that, the indian nanny couldn’t keep professionalism intact. You asked me “Would you like to share some thoughts on those employers who keep changing the job responsibilities after hiring the person ” – job responsibilities during hiring is not written in stone, they change. Some go away, new ones come into picture – that is a part of every job. You are saying as if suddenly an indian nanny is asked to start flying in the air and that is impossible. Well, of course, flying in the air is impossible! But as far as household responsibilities and baby responsibilities are concerned then yes, flexibility is key. Also, “flexibility” is the core of a nannying job. Someone who cannot be flexible should not be in the business of being a nanny. Work hours – well, someone like me who overpaid an indian nanny to just sit on her butt, you must know how particular i am about not making my nanny work even an extra second. I have literally pampered and treated indian nannies like queens, but they still complain, bicker and intrude in personal life. Its like that saying that goes “gadhe ko sinhasan par bithane se koi rani nahi ban jati”.. the same way, overpaying these retired lazy hobby indian nannies who were not at all professional backfired on me. My problem is only with these retired “hobby” indian mom/mom in laws visiting from india posing as nannies. If there is an indian nanny who actually has training and experience just like other normal nannies then i dont have a problem.

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