Just bought a condo in Dublin…:)

We just bought a condo in Dublin and excited about it. We are moving in from Southern California and have following question:
-We are looking for day care after school from elementary school (daughter) and middle school (son). Any recommendations? It will be nice if the day care has pick up service from school.
-Has anyone used after school daycare in Frederickson and Wells Middle school? Or may be any other schools in this area? That is something new for us as schools in southern california does not offer after school day care. Is it good? worth it? etc?

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  1. Welcome. Have used in other schools. Its generally good. Many local area private after-schools also offer to pick up students from schools. That could be another option for you to see.


    Thanks. Where can I find information about local area private after school? It be great if they can pick up the kids too….

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