Indians in Pleasanton- Archstone or Hacienda commons or Eaves

Hi All,
I am Varsha, a software professional. I recently moved to Archstone Apartments in Pleasanton. I am looking for some female friends from Archstone/ Hacienda commons/Eaves/Springhouse apartments to hang out with and socialize!
Contact me if you would like to catch up sometime!!
Best Reards,


8 thoughts on “Indians in Pleasanton- Archstone or Hacienda commons or Eaves”

  1. Hey Varsha,

    I recently relocated to Pleasanton and m at stoneridge apts with family.

    Reply me if you wnt to ctch up.

  2. Hi Varsha,

    I moved to Pleasanton recently and have been looking to socialize and make some friends. I would like to join in your group. Let me know when and where you guys meet. By the way, I love tea :)…. and I hope we can meet over tea..


  3. Hi Soumya, Varsha,

    am at the archstone park most days evng..lets meetup tomorrow 6:30 pm if you guys are free. Or you can tellme a place/time to meet.


  4. you can call Prema to learn carnatic music,slokas,devaranama or light songs in Pleasanton contact 925 314 5831
    you can talk in kannada,tamil,telugu or any indian languages

  5. Hi All,

    I am new to Pleasanton and would like to join this group.
    Reply if you would like to meet me.


  6. Hi All,

    I recently moved to the San Ramon area and wanted to meet other females in the Tri Valley area to socialize! If this group is still active, please let me know!


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