Indian Nanny available from July 1

Hello everyone,
My daughter’s nanny will be available from July 1st, 2019 onwards.
She is an adorable lady and could develop an amazing bondĀ  with our family and child. She speaks Hindi, English and Punjabi. She is looking for nanny jobs preferably in Dublin/Pleasanton/ Livermore area. She can cook great north Indian food. If you are looking for someone who will take care of your child with immense responsibility she is the person you are looking for!
Please email me your contacts as reply to this post. I will share her contact details.

10 thoughts on “Indian Nanny available from July 1”

  1. Hi Ruchira,

    My cousin who lives in Castro Valley is looking for a nanny for her 4 month old son. She works east coast ours and would the nanny to start at 7. My cousin also needs someone who speaks English as she does not speak or understand Hindi. If she is available please have her call Shalini at (213) 268-9751.

  2. Hi Ruchira

    I’m looking for a nanny for my 7 month old. We’re moving from Washington DC to the bay area ny July 23rd and will be located in San Ramon area.

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