Indian Language Radio Stations in Tri-Valley

Check these out:

  1. 1200 kHz AM Radio Humsafar Non stop Desi Entertainment
  2. 96.1 FM Bollywood Beat –
  3. 96.1 FM Uphaar-  A gift of songs every week! Sunday afternoons 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm PST
  4. 1450 AM 1-3 pm India Waves Radio – SF bay area
  5. 1170 AM KLOK – all week

One thought on “Indian Language Radio Stations in Tri-Valley”

  1. Anyone know if Showbizindiatv and Namaste India weekly TV shows come on Comcast Cable in Dublin/San Ramon? If so, which channels and when? Or do they come on any alternative cable service?

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