Indian clothes donation

Looking to donate a bunch of Indian outfits. Does anyone know of a charity on the East Bay or Bay Area that accepts Indian clothes?

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    1. Hi Nina ,

      I have just moved to bay area , giving away most of my belongings and will have good use of your sarees.


  1. Looking for a place to donate used sarees in bay area near Concord. We can drop them off at your location.

  2. Hi Jagannathan

    I have just moved and might have use for these clothes , I am a medium size and stay at Warm Springs area.

    1. Hi, do you still accept Saree. I’ve one used only for couple of hours. Please pm me the address so I can ship to you. I’m currently in Texas.

  3. Hello,
    Any one know of places to donate like-new to new Indian clothes? Please let me know and thank you.

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