Indian Caranatic Classical Music Classes

Indian Classical Carnatic Music Classes – Sarangi School of Music, run by eminent musicologist Rakhi R Nath, is starting Carnatic Music classes in Dublin for all levels from beginners to advanced in the trivalley area.
Classes will be held during weekends and evenings on weekdays.
Those who wish to join the classes, please visit for details or e-mail [email protected] – Rakhi a disciple of Chandramana Narayanan Nambootiri has been pursuing music for the last 16 years and has conducted a good many Classical concerts within Kerala and outside. She has also rendered her sound to a few film songs in Malayalam. She is well versed in Carnatic Vocal Music and also has an expansive knowledge in all other genres of singing.

6 thoughts on “Indian Caranatic Classical Music Classes”

  1. I really enjoy every class I attend. Extremely interactive atmosphere and small class size. Rakhi ensures that every student understands the intricacies and concepts of music clearly. She even provides recordingd after every class you can listen to and practice. You’ll learn music you wouldn’t forget for a lifetime

  2. My kids goes to Sarangi school of music for Sangeetam classes.Rakhi is a wonderful teacher very patient and she make sure kids understands music lessons properly.Then only she will move to the next sessions.She explains raaga details and technicality of thalams .One main thing i noticed is her class size is small compared to other Sangeetham classes in bay area.My kids were begginers and she dint mix with other level students she started a separate batch for them.We are very happy to get a teacher like rakhi for our kids.

  3. Rakhi is an amazing singer with a gifted voice and a great teacher.We just moved from San jose to dublin.My son was learning from a guru in Cuppertino. He was so happy with the previous carnatic class.When we moved here he started going to San ramon for music classes but he was not happy with the teacher and we stopped there.During this vijayadashmi we heard about Rakhi and we enrolled him to Sarangi School of music.Great classes she is so dedicated and passionate, after every class she sends the audio for practice.Her teaching style is different and kids enjoy music and loves to go for classes.She is a great teacher .I m planning to join her class from next month.Thank you Rakhi

  4. My son is learning from Rakhi garu .She is a great teacher very friendly to kids and Excellent singer what I noticed is she is not just teaching music i mean the varisha and geetams while teaching she explains theories in a simple way to kids and practice techniques too .So kids love to learn .My son is a third grader and he love to go for music class . I m so happy to find a teacher like Rakhi garu for my son.

  5. My kids are learning from Ms.Rakhi…i m so happy that i found her in the right time.She is an excellent singer and great teacher with lot of patience. My kids just love to go for Music class .She teach them in class and send the lessons the next day so kids practice well for the next class.Thank you Rakhi

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