Homemade Batter in Pleasanton

Fresh homemade Idli/dosa batter without any preservatives available on request.
We are located near Owens Dr and Andrews Dr intersection.
Interested people please mail me for further details.

12 thoughts on “Homemade Batter in Pleasanton”

  1. What are the prices and quantities available?
    Is there any stock available as an initial tester ?
    Can you give us a complete email id or phone number to contact ?

  2. Please find the items below.

    Idli/Dosa/Uthappam batter

    Adai,Methi,Appam Dosa batter

    Yogurt(dhahi) with active culture


    Idli podi/gun powder

    Rasam powder

    Groundnut powder for Idli/Dosa

    Curry leaf powder

    Paruppu podi (lentil powder) for rice

    Basic masala (with onion,tomato,ginger and garlic) for gravies.

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