Good After School Programs for Grade1 Students

Hi, My daughter will be going to Kolb elementary in Dublin for Grade -1 in September 2014. I am trying to get some feed back about the after school programs in Dublin and Pleasanton. Parents, do share your experiences about the after school programs by replying to this post or you can email me at [email protected]; I was looking into Yang Fan, sunflower and  safari kids.

One thought on “Good After School Programs for Grade1 Students”

  1. Hi,
    I saw you are interested in aftercare! If you are still looking for aftercare I might help you.
    I have very small after care ( 3kids max,I choose small because I can focus on each kid)I pick up kids and take them to activities like swimming, karate, music, art and help them with they homework.I am working at preschool until noon.I have 4 years of experience doing this.Right now I have a opening, I live near Kolb Elementary.I can give you reference by your interest.

    Thank you,

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