Full Time Indian Nanny available from January

Posting this on behalf of our nanny-Manpreet Kaur. She will be available from Jan 2023. She is looking for job in Dublin/Livermore/Pleasanton. She is very loving and trustworthy. She took really good care of our son and she has been working with us since 1 year now. She is a good cook and helped me with little chores. She can speak Hindi, Punjabi and little English too. Please call her on +1 (209) 834-7513 if you are interested.

One thought on “Full Time Indian Nanny available from January”

  1. Hi Selvi,

    I contacted the nanny and will be meeting with her next week. I have a couple of questions for you since you have worked with her, do you mind if I text you with those? My number is 720-240-7361. Thank you!


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