Fresh Organic Rotis and Paranthas

Organic Rotis made with organic wheat milled at home (washed and dried in the sun) – 10–6$(minimum order10)
Multi grains Rotis ( Organic Buckwheat Oats barley Amaranth etc) -10–7$(minimum order10)
Stuffed Aalu Paranthas with freshly grounded organic wheat flour – $2 each( minimum order 5 pieces)
Paneer paranthas( we use home made paneer ) – $2.75 each (minimum order 5 pieces)
Gobi Paranthas – $2.50 each (minimum 5 pieces)
Plain Paranthas – $2 each( minimum 5 pieces)
We make indian yogurt at home with organic milk only 32 ozs 8$
Dosa batter using brown organic rice ,organic lentils and multi grains 7-99 $ 32oz
We sell Freshly grounded Organic Wheat flour too $2-99–lb
Freshly ground Organic Besan from chana dal 7$ – lb
You can see the whole process of grinding the flour yourself. Place your order a day before for dosa batter and yogurt and wheat Flour
We make Oats flour Rajgira flour barley flour on orders.
We Offer Fresh And Pure Organic Only. All organic ingredients bought from reputed stores like Whole Foods , Traders Joe etc. We make everything on order only. We take party orders too.
Contact freshgrains201…@g…com

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