Free Seminar – Using Big Data to predict college admission

ttlearning-110x200Calculate Your Chance of Admission to the Top 100 Universities!
Sunday, December 6th – 3:00PM (Pleasanton) – Free admission, seating is very limited – Sign Up Today!
Our College Admissions Consultants will show you why the admissions process is no longer a game of chance – we have the formula to get your child into top colleges! Register for an exclusive opportunity to use our Admissions Optimizer Algorithm.

Keynote Speaker- Steven Ma
CEO of ThinkTank Learning & Secretary of the California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs
Find out how big-data is being used to get your child into top colleges
Starting your signature project with the environment in mind.
The importance of team sports and building a well rounded portfolio.

Guest Speakers
David Nguyen, Ph.D. in Endocrinology, UC Berkeley
Marta McFarland, M.A. in Environmental Management, University of Warsaw
Our programs help students do better academically, and give them the confidence to attain and exceed their collegiate goals.

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