Free Health Fair at the Livermore Temple

Free health advice provided to include the following specialties:
◊ Cardiology
◊ Internal Medicine ◊ Nutritionist
◊ Ayurveda
◊ Natural Therapy ◊ Dentist
◊ Physical Therapy ◊ Ophthalmology ◊ Homeopathy
◊ Nephrology

The following free services will be offered:
◊ Cholesterol Testing
◊ Blood Sugar Testing
◊ Heart Disease Risk
◊ Diabetes Risk
◊ Biometrics Measurement ◊ Nutrition Advice
◊ Skin Allergies Advice ◊ Dental Advice

Registration Recommended.
COVID-19 regulations will be followed per CDC guidelines.
Flu and COVID-19 vaccines will be provided.
Bring your vaccination record if you are already vaccinated.
Walk-ins are welcome.
For additional information, questions or sign-up, please contact
Temple Office at (925)-449-6255 or
Human Services Chair, Usha Ramaswamy, at
[email protected]

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