Elderly Care – Supervision

Looking for someone to come home to supervise my 90 year old Mother in law for 2 weeks.
We have an unavoidable travel coming up (End June – Mid July) and we can’t take her. If someone can come stay at our place in Fremont, that would be the best. If not 9 AM – 7 PM and I will make arrangements for the night.
She is not fussy, she can do things on her own, eats everything (Strict Vegetarian). Given her age, she can’t be alone.
The job would be to make breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Soft cooked as she does not have dentures) and give her medications and make her walk.
If we really like the services we can look at long term care – a few hours a day
If interested please email me – [email protected] or text 510 936 4406

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