Did you sign the petition to stop Ikea in Dublin?

no-ikea-in-dublin-ca-2016If not, it’s still not too late. The more I have thought about this, the more it makes little sense to have an Ikea open up in this area. If you tend to agree, do something, do your bit, at least be heard. One way is to petition here:
If you know of another way, please do share. I signed because an Ikea does not seem like the best way to use this prime land. Dublin and adjoining cities are places for families, not the kind of places that need the kind of furniture Ikea sells (go near a university!). It seems Ikea is just using this parcel’s location near a major interchange to get people from afar come and shop at this Ikea – it will bring traffic, pollution, and more cars that will start driving into the neighborhoods and could cause security issues (if you know the burglaries that have occurred in Dublin Ranch, and more recently in Pleasanton areas since Outlets opened). It has nothing positive for the residents of the area. They are not really going to find this store of much use after a visit or two – rather they have to live with the traffic and chaos on the road that will follow. Dublin Blvd and 580 are becoming such a pain to drive on, anyway. And more importantly, with this, the residents loose an opportunity to get some other retail or other stores to open on this piece of land, which could have been more in line with the needs of the residents. Or maybe this area could have just been left alone. The big Ikea warehouse will be a sore sight forever.  Ikea has tried to bribe the residents a lot with its free bags , but really? Is that what it takes? The city could lament a loss of some tax revenue; but Council, have a soul! Dublin is developing into a fine city with great schools, and you can do better than a big box warehouse in two colors!

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