Deal – 43% off at Chaat Bhavan, Dublin

$17 for $30 Worth of Vegetarian Indian Cuisine for Lunch or Dinner at Chaat Bhavan, Dublin, CA (near Lowes on Tassajara).

Chaat Bhavan Dublin CA Deals
Chaat Bhavan Dublin CA Deal

Enjoy vegetarian menu of Indian snacks—or chaats—such as veggie fritters served with chutney or stuffed potato patties with a chickpea curry.

4 thoughts on “Deal – 43% off at Chaat Bhavan, Dublin”

  1. Use coupon SAVE15 to save another 15% – so eat 30 dollars of food for $14.45. More than 50% off!

  2. We went to chaat bhavan last week and my kids have had stomach flu since then. Avoid the restaurant.

  3. Hi Aditi – we have been going to Chat Bhavan almost every week. So this is a little disconcerting…could you narrow it down to something specific you ate? It would help to point it out, so that they can be more effective with the remedial measures. We love the food there, and so do many others; so avoiding and thus contributing to their possible closure is not the best thing that could possibly come out of your unfortunate experience…

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