Fresh homemade food on request

Hi TVD group,
My mother chanda stays with me and is available for vegetarian cooking help from home, located in San Ramon. As per request, fresh Indian roti, thepla, paratha, Bhakhari and all type Indian Gujarati  cuisine, which includes  varieties of dal and rice. She can also make North Indian food such as Punjabi food  and South Indian dishes that include idle, dosa, mehendu wada, sambhar, chutney, onion utappa,  and upma. Some hot snacks like dhokla, poha, batata wada, onion/potatoes bhajiya, masala pav, pav bhaji and more can also be made… also fresh  homemade idle/dosa batter available  as per request. If interested, email me at [email protected] . Her food is delicious and absolutely worth trying 🙂

Small party orders are also welcome!
-batter to request 48 hour prior
-food request 24 hour prior

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  1. I will try the food this weekend. Please suggest if you know anyone nearby for nanny service. I am looking for it urgently. thank u!

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