Cook/part time helper near Schaefer ranch

We are looking for a cook/part time helper who can cook Indian food and help around with some house work in the evening around 5 PM. We would prefer to have them 1 hour each day or for 2 hours alternate days. Please let us know if your nanny is looking for some extra work in the evening or if you know any cook. We are located close to Silvergate drive and Foothill road intersection (5 minutes from Schaefer ranch).
Please call on 408 365 4872.


One thought on “Cook/part time helper near Schaefer ranch”

  1. Hi – Are you still looking? My nanny is looking for extra work as her husband is sick and she is the only one working. She commutes from Tracy so would prefer a place where she can rent a room for her and her husband. She is willing to pay rent and also cook for you morning and evening if needed.

    Please call me or email me and let me know. Thanks.

    Email is [email protected].

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