Cook and helper needed

I am looking for a cook and helper on daily basis who can drive and come to my home. I live in Pleasanton  very near (walking) to Fairland Elementary School (intersection Santa Rita and W Las positas) .

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    1. Hi Sonal,
      please provide your cooks number to me at 5103641986. i deeply appreciate you for helping me on this matter. i need help from December 5th to 7th about 1/2 days on all those three days



  1. Hi Sonal, can you please share the contact number or call me at 925-895-3181. I am looking for cooking/mommy’s helper too. Thanks, Simpreet

  2. Hi,
    Can you please share the number with me too. I have a newborn and need someone to help for cooking .


  3. Hi Sonal – We are also need a cook and helper on a daily basis. My number is 732-322-7987. Can you have your cook call me?



  4. Hi Sonal,

    My name is Dhanya and contact number is 734-272-7306. I would greatly appreciate it if you could share your cook’s contact info with me so I can talk to her about her services.

    Thanks very much!

  5. Hi Sonal,

    I am Smita live in Pleasanton I also need a cook and helper who could come 4 days a week. I would highly appreciate if you could pass on your cooks/helpers no. to me . thanks very much. She could contact me at 9253530139

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