Club Sport San Ramon Squash

I’m posting this for my husband, Saurabh. He is an avid Squash player and likes to play a couple of times a week, but sometimes work priorities/commute-time come in the way. We are not members of Club Sport San Ramon. We did the math and figured that a full membership would be wasteful, given his schedule.
Members get 2 guest passes a month. If any of you are members at Club Sport San Ramon and would like to sell off guest passes (they go for ~$15 a piece) to us, or invite him to a gruelling game of squash (his skill level is 4.5) :),  please contact me at g.akansh…@g…com
Thanks !

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  1. Hi, Am visiting San Ramon for a few days from NJ and looking for a game of squash. Am 3.5 Player.
    Please ping me if he would like a game today or in next couple of days.

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