Chess Classes in San Ramon at King’s Land Chess

In January 2017, King’s Land Chess has relocated to San Ramon area from southern California. ( group chess classes are offering for youth players in Danville/San Ramon/Dublin/Pleasanton area. Four levels classes are available, Entry level, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, and Advanced I.
For more information, please send email to kingslandches…@h…com Lessons will be taught by World Chess Federation certified FIDE Trainer Kiki Chen.  Coach Kiki is World Chess Federation FIDE certified professional chess coach and USCF advanced level coach. In over ten years, coach Kiki has trained 1000+ youth chess players in US and China. Her students have won numerous prizes in local, state, national and international chess tournaments, many students won champions and national champions. Dozens of students rank top 100 in different age-group US chess player lists. About a dozen students are qualified for US national team.

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