Cheap Tutoring for Charity

100% of the money made will be donated to the charity
I’m Tejas, soon to be Sophomore at DVHS. I have joined a non-profit called Tutoring for Tomorrow, in hopes to raise money.
Goal: With summer around the corner, kids will have nothing but free time, as many activities are canceled due to the virus. That is why I am offering many classes to prepare children.
Classes offered:
-2nd Grade Gate Test Prep
-5th Grade Math Placement Test Prep
-All elementary and middle school Common Core Math
-Pre Algebra / Algebra 1 / Geometry
(Please feel free to ask if your child needs help in any other subject)
Price: $10 an hour (100% to charity)
-All online (Zoom, Skype)
– 4.0 GPA
– Presidential Academic Award
– 2 years ahead of grade-level math
– CJSF and CSF since 7th Grade
– Honors Award for volunteering
– Playing the alto saxophone since 4th grade
I have only been doing formal tutoring for the past two months, but my tutees have enjoyed their experience!
Contact Tejal Thakkar to hear her thoughts with her sons getting tutored by me!
Email – tejalthakkar7…@y…com
My Contact:
Email – kalluhariteja…@g…com
Text – (925-406-9268)

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