6 thoughts on “Carpool kids to Gale Ranch/Daugherty High”

  1. Hi
    We live in Briza loop in San ramon. We have 2 kids – one goes to Gale ranch and another goes to Dougherty.
    We are looking for help in pick up and drop off for these 2 kids.

    Can anyone help us?

  2. Gale ranch : 8:15 am to 2:45PM with block day on Wed. Block day timings – 9am to 245pm

    Dougherty Valley – 8:30am to 3:03 pm with block days on Wed and Thu. Block day timings – 9am to 3:30PM

  3. Hello,
    My son needs to be picked up from Gale Ranch Middle school everyday after school. If anybody is available please email your phone number to [email protected]. We can discuss on the details.


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