Calling Yoga enthusiasts to try out December Yoga – 2015

Hari Om! Wishing you advanced New Year Wishes! have  a wonderful year ahead ….
On the start of this year, I would like to welcome all yoga enthusiasts, who were looking for yoga session in full swing or just wanted to give it a try, or to see why the world is behind yoga all the time. Can you believe that we have been carrying this ‘Yoga’ origins from India since 11th century and travelled to the west in the 19th century! It has evolved to a large scale since then. Give it a try, and see the world within you…Come join me in New Year 2016 for Jan Yoga
Beginner – Flow – Power

  • Beginner – 6 classes(session 1)
  • Flow – 6 classes(session 2)
  • Power – 6 classes(session 3)

Objective: Weight reduction, stress relief, improve flexibility, muscle tone, core strength and much more…
The course is a 18 classes package with 6 classes in each session . You may choose to enroll on session basis(6 classes) or all three sessions(18 classes). It is completely flexible and at-home environment providing the best support!
Please call or email to: 650-275-2501 arthi.morekond…@g…com

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