AT&T Fiber (1Gbps) vs. Comcast in San Ramon?

Hello – which one is better in San Ramon, specifically in Windemere area? AT&T’s Fiber/GigaPower which gives 1Gbps download speed for about $70/month vs. Comcast which has a max download speed of 250Mbps for about $80/month?

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  1. At these speeds, both 250 and 1Gbps are good. As a user you can’t even differentiate. The prices are also compatible. Most users here are on Comcast. I recently shifted to AT&T U verse, but I don’t think I got this speed. What you really want to do is bundle up with TV and see what is better deal for you over one or two years with their rebate cards and other deals.

    1. Thanks for your reply, Sameer – AT&T is charging $70/month (with equipment fee + installation fees waived) for the 1Gbps vs. Comcast is charging $90/month + $10/month equipment fee + $90 installation fee for the 250Mbps plan.

      I’m not interested in bundling with TV or phone, just need high speed internet.

      Can you elaborate on your experience with AT&T? From a pricing standpoint, AT&T looks better. But if their service is frequently down, or consistently slow, then I’d rather avoid them. So looking for any kind of feedback you have in this area. Thanks!

  2. I had Comcast for six years, and earlier this year switched over to AT&T U-verse (not Direct TV). All said, I was paying Comcast $70 a month (after their promotional pricing had ended in first year or two), and now I pay $115 a month – and I got $300 back upon signing for two years. I also get upwards of a 100 HD TV Channels.
    With Comcast I used to get 20Mbps connection, and the speed used to vary at times. With ATT I get 30Mbps consistent. The quality of connection was great with both – nothing to say there.
    With ATT modem+router, I am not able to use OpenDNS for controlling the sites available on the network (for kids), but that may not be important for all – and I don’t want to put another router just for that.
    Frankly both services are very same. My plan is to switch the provider every two years to be able to use the sign up discounts, and also change the IP address for privacy reasons.
    Sorry for the late response – hope you signed up for one of these already.

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