Any Feedback on Wellis Ranch, Dublin?

Hi, Considering buying a home at Wellis Ranch Dublin. Anyone have any feedback about that community?
How is the commute to the elementary school given its 3.3 miles away?
proximity to Indian store, and other stores etc?   How is the community overall?
Are there a lot of Indian families with elementary/middle school aged kids ( like 2-3rd grades) ?
Is there domestic help available in that area?
Do they have any community events?
Looking for any positive or negative feedback I can get. Thank you in advance.

One thought on “Any Feedback on Wellis Ranch, Dublin?”

  1. Hi SamJ, Dublin is a great place to buy your dream home. There are many new constructions and Wallis Ranch has many builders building beautiful homes. You will get many options to choose from. There are many Indian families. Domestic help is easy to hire as it is close to the Bart station and many mommy’s helper are looking for jobs in this area.

    AMADOR Elementary/ Quarry Lane Private school is approximately 3 miles from Wallis Ranch. The clubhouse is beautiful and there are parks and playhouses. It’s a great to raise kids in a friendly community.
    I am realtor and if you have any questions or need any help to get your dream home, please contact me at 925-214-8226 / 408.888.9109.


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