Clothing, Painting and Jewelry Sale

Hi all, we are having a huge exhibit/event in San Ramon. This includes Zaris (Traditional and casual Indian dresses for kids and adults), VijayKumar’s paintings including landscapes, portraits and abstracts(Famous artist in India) and Nuthana creations (Handmade Jewelry).

Visit  for clothing collection for paintings.


Address: 1017 S Wedgewood rd, San Ramon,  CA
date: July 21st
time: 11am – 6pm

After School Pickup and Day care for Live Oak Elementary School in San Ramon

Hi, I have few openings at my after school day care for next session starting August 2012.

Everything $400/month for 1st to 5th Grade.
$550/month for Kindergarten.

1. Fresh nutritious vegetarian meals.
2. Free pickup from Live Oak Elementary.
3. Home work help.
4. Free Bollywood dance classes.
5. Free Art classes.
6. Free cooking classes.
7. Free Public speaking classes.
8. Free tennis instruction.

Instructors Qualification

1. Qualified to be a University Lecturer in India.
2. Experienced in Teaching High School, College students and Preschool.
3. CPR, First Aid and Preventive Health training completed.
4. Preschool Teacher for 4 yrs.
5. Licensed facility
6. Tennis Instructor at Fremont Tennis Center for 2 yrs.

Regards, Zainab 925-699-5432

Family Portraits, Event Photography

My name is Aisha and I am an independent photographer offering rates that fit any budget.
Let me capture your next priceless moments and memories! For more information please contact me.

Here is a link to just a few photos I took. Contact me more information at (209) 627-9039 or email me at [email protected]

Thank you for your interest! I am so excited to hear from you & I look forward to meeting you!

How to find someone good and reliable for a service you need?

Good help is hard to find. As you go through different stages of life or move from one location to another, you need different services.  For example, when you move, you need a good mover. You also have to find a good mechanic, physician, dentist, and other providers close to your new home. Similarly, when you have a kid, you need to find a good pediatrician, or after you buy a house, you may need a good gardener, plumber, electrician, handyman and other providers.

How do you find someone good for a service that you need? You could look up on Yellow pages or use Google search, but these sources just provide a listing of service providers. You cannot tell the good ones from the bad ones. Obviously, you would like to find a reputable provider for whatever service you need.

The other option is looking at online review sites such as Yelp or Angie’s list. However, Yelp is geared more towards restaurants and Angie’s list requires a paid subscription. But more importantly, can you trust the reviews posted on these sites by people you don’t know? Are those reviews really objective and unbiased? What you would like to have is a recommendation from someone you know and trust.

So the safest and least expensive option is to ask your friends. Whatever you are looking for, chances are someone in your circle of friends has used the same service sometime in the past. So why not tap into your social network to find a good reliable provider for the service you need? If your friend likes his gardener, maybe you should use the same gardener. If your cousin likes the law-firm that she uses, perhaps you might want to use the same law firm. Similarly, if your neighbor likes her music teacher, you might want to talk to that music teacher.

A recently launched Danville based new online service called Trustrecs ( makes it really easy for you to tap into your social circle to find a good provider. The service is free and in beta right now.  It helps you get trustworthy recommendations at zero cost. Try it and let me know what you think.


Spacious grocey at Sikandar San Ramon

Sikandar Cash and Carry is a new grocery store in San Ramon – and its a little distinctive in its brightly lit aisles, large shopping carts, barcode scanners and its size – at 8,000 square-foot. The supermarket features food from all over India, Fiji, and the Middle East.

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The owners have stores and a distribution company in California for the last 30 years. There is another Sikandar branch in Sacramento. The family also have stores in Berkeley (Milan) and San Leandro (Santos).

Sikandar Cash and Carry is located at 2556 San Ramon Valley Blvd., San Ramon, CA 94583; tel: (925) 838-2075. Hours of operation are 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Tues.-Sat.; 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Sun.; closed Monday.
Source – indiawest