There is something wrong with daily deals … Until Now!!

Lately – “Big Daily Deal” concept has taken hold. Millions of consumers are bombarded with offers every single day, telling them what to buy, when to buy, and if they do not buy it, they are doomed.  Consumers are told,

  • Today you deserve a day at the spa, even though you may not be interested in one
  • Tomorrow get a haircut at saloon that you have never been to before and will never go to again
  • Day after tomorrow, eat at this restaurant, 40 miles away from your home, where you will never visit again

There is more unknown deal coming your way the day after…  Keep waiting until “figure out what you may (or may not) want.

Icing on the cake is look on the poor merchant’s face, he was probably convinced to offer that he did not really want to sign up for, but has to honor it. He is trying to read in your eyes and ask

  • Are you going to buy more than the coupon value?
  •  How many coupons are you going to use?
  • Are you someone who is a repeat customer?

Have you ever felt that you are being judged by this merchant? it is not a great feeling.

I thought, there is something fundamentally wrong with direction of the offers market. Is there something that can be done?  How can we help the local businesses manage their campaigns in a cost effective way, so they can offer the most discount to the customers, not the middleman. Business owners make offers that they want to, and they will be happy to honor it. Customer knows that they will always find a local deal at a single place when they want it, not when they are told by the “Big Daily Deal Company” and above all, it should be simple to use, not cluttered with all kind of irrelevant information.

So here it is… my attempt to provide a unique experience to restaurant owners and its patrons through . A website, which has local deals, up to the minute updated by local restaurant owners/managers. Whether you are stepping out for a quick lunch or planning a family dinner,  always check B4 EATING OUT.

Would you like 15% off your bill at Favorite India or A Free Appetizer at Hyderabad Biryani house in San Ramon or Free Entrée at Luna Loca in Danville.. Check the site. A lot more restaurants are coming up. Deals can be printed, emailed or viewed on any device. ALL DEALS are valid when presented from your mobile device…

Check . Your feedback is crucial and appreciated. Leave your comments


California Meditates – Take the meditation challenge

California Meditates – the meditation challenge comes to Dublin/San Ramon.
Get ready to meditate for 30 days – attend an Open House, get your questions answered, get updated about tools/support available. Its a novel wellness campaign (from the Art of Living Foundation), of empowering people from various backgrounds to use meditation as a practical & effective tool to increase one’s well-being and quality of life includes the following highlights: Easy to access Meditation sessions, Opportunities for Group Meditations, Gala Meditation Celebrations, etc.
California Meditates - Challenge - Art of Living 2012
Registration Fee waived till Feb 21.
When: Saturday, March 3, 2012 11:00 am
Where: ART OF LIVING – Tri Valley Center
6690 Amador Plaza Rd
Dublin, CA 94568

Official Website
Cost: $0.00 – $25.00

What/Why: The Meditation Challenge
Benefits of regular meditations include greater peace of mind, better focus, increased enthusiasm. A common question that a beginner or any others may ask is how to keep up the practice. The Meditation Challenge offers an opportunity to be guided into meditating daily with some consistency, for a month or less.

Easy, Convenient & Effective
Experience some benefits of meditation through a few days of practice. To support you the challenge offers
* Easy access to guided meditations
* Guidance from experts to help you have a better meditation experience.
* Fun, comraderie- Invite your friends/coworkers to the challenge.

How do I Get Started?
*Register for the challenge & meditate each day.
*Join us for group meditations each week.
*Win prizes each week as you complete the challenge

Tamil Pattimanram Entertainment Festival in San Ramon

BayArea-Tamil-Manram-San-Ramon-Feb-2012Tamil Manram is proud to present an entertaining afternoon of pattimanram by ‘Sivaji’ fame Pattimanram thiru. Raja (on Feb 12).  The title for pattimanram is “திருமண வாழ்வில் அதிகம் விட்டுக் கொடுத்து அனுசரித்துப் போகிறவர் ஆண்களே! பெண்களே!”
The evening promises to be one to laugh, think and join the debate!

If you are interested to participate in the pattimanram here are the rules.
Participant must be a member of Tamil Manram. If you are not a member, you can become a member online.
Prepare a 5 minutes audio or video on the pattimanram topic, either favoring men or women. If you create a video send it as YouTube link. Send the audio clip/video link to JP at [email protected] and Venu [email protected].
Deadline to submit your entry is February 5, 2012.
Once selected, participant must pay $25 participation fee (which includes admission ticket)

Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 2 P.M.
Quail Run Elementary School
4000 Goldenbay Avenue
San Ramon, CA 94582 [ Map ]
$10 (members); $12 (non-members)
Purchase tickets online